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MR MAGUIRE: I just want to say one word to you. Just one word.

BEN: Yes sir.

MR MAGUIRE: Are you listening?

BEN: Yes I am.

MR MAGUIRE: Plastics.


BEN: Exactly how do you mean?       The Graduate, 1967

In 1974 John Baldessari made an artwork called Throwing four balls in the air to get a square (best of 36 tries). The artwork appears to deliver on the title's promise. It is an arrangement of eight photographs showing the best square shapes Baldessari achieved by throwing four red balls thrown in the air against a bright blue California sky and photographing the results. It also appears to be a record of progress in fits and starts from the least square-like image at top left through a variety of polygon forms until the most square-like image at bottom right.

Like Baldessari's work, Plasticarmy is a curated selection of the accidents and imperfect results achieved through a series of visual and written experiments. Only instead of trying to make something as well defined as a square using four red balls, my tactics and targets tend towards the indeterminate and incipient.

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