We live in unique times. There has never been such a diversity of music accessible and so many different ways to listen to it. There are few obstacles to prevent an average person from listening to any song they want to hear, or pursue any musical genre that attracts their interest. Although this situation is ideal for music lovers (and, I would argue, for musicians as well) it also presents us with a dilemma of surplus - given these aural riches, how do we choose? Taste will lead the way, but for those who want to explore further and farther than their own taste might carry them, these links offer many interesting paths - both well explored, and lesser known. (Note: Strikethroughs below represent updates as of 4.2012)



WFMU is, to my knowledge, the best radio station in the world. An array of DJ’s for every taste and genre playing truly unique, rare, and fantastic music. I can’t turn the station on without hearing something that I have never heard before that I love. Here are a few shows I try not to miss each week:

DJ Trouble

Ambient, chanteuse, country, and vintage pop rarities.

Frank O'Toole

All over the map. The super interesting awesome map.

Benjamin Walker

Mysterious music by mysterious artists. Plus comics.

Doug Schulkind

Rarities, specialties, and good tips on the blog.

Sue P.

Hard Rock.


UNC at Chapel Hill college radio. Solid.


MIT's student radio station proves that E=MC Kick Ass.


Specifically the block of night shows that they label "No Commercial Potential", and specifically within that, the "Rare Frequency" show.


Sadly, Danny Stiles died March 11, 2011. The good news is that WNYC still rebroadcasts old episodes of the Danny Stiles Music Museum every Saturday night at 8pm on AM820.

Big Band Sounds with Danny Stiles is great show that features music from the 1920's through the 1950's.



Incredible resources for artist related sound, music, film, and video recordings. Amazing spoken word collection.

Free Music Archives

High quality music that is both amazing to listen to, and may be freely used in that indie film you are making.

The Internet Archive's Audio Archives

A very eclectic collection of music, sounds and spoken word recordings.

The Library of Congress

A little hard to navigate, but great stuff.

Sound Transit

Field recordings and phonography from around the world. Fantastic resource.

Tape Findings

Found home recordings and other cassette deck oddities.

Puzzling Music Archives

As it says.



An early casualty of anti-piracy efforts. Ultimate music blog search engine. Will find whatever you seek. Highly recommended.

Captain Crawl

As of April 1, 2012, another casualty of anti-piracy legal actions. Not as comprehensive as Chewbone, but will find some things Chewbone won't.

Files Tube

Search results are heavily weighted towards returning files / mp3's.

The Hype Machine

Mainstream, song oriented searching of music blogs. Find out what the hipsters are listening to now.


Roadside Picnic

Joshua Zucker’s phenomenal mixes of ambient, found sounds, field recordings, experimental music, dark metal, vintage soundtrack, classical, and the outer limits of musical possibilities and potentials. A hero and musical soulmate. Yes, yes, yes, yes!

Pop 77

Quirky indie pop set to the theme of a quirky indie movie.

Theta States

Musical Mixes and Miscellany by DJ CPI (Caitlyn Pascal)

Discontent Blog

Sadly dead. An off shoot of now defunct Fat Planet, these mixes feature eclectic free and legal music curated by a music lover.

Asphalt Eden

Ambient mixes for somnambulists.

Music Blogs

WFMU Beware of the Blog

WFMU's blog featuring info and music on the rare, obscure, old, and quirky.

Mixtape Riot

A collaborative blog of crate diggers and beat worshippers.

Lonesome Music

Melancholy sounds from all over.

Filles Sourires

Sadly dead. Their tagline says it best - Fragile Girls. Singing in French. Making Me Sigh. Any Questions?

Root Blog

Rarities, OOP, world sounds.

Ritualistic Nature

Devoted to posting traditional ethnic ritual music, or its modern incarnationsuch as Ambient, Tribal, Drone, and Field Recordings... Particular attention paid to music of this sort that was inspired by Nature and its cycles.

Psych Spaniolos

Vintage psychedelic rarities.

Mutant Sounds

Old records you've never heard of and why you should listen to them..

Raven Sings The Blues

Well chosen picks from the indie rock palette.

Sickness Abounds

Sadly Dead. Eclectic, but with a focus on the dark, ambient, hard, doom, noise, industrial, and experimental.

New York / Live

Brooklyn Vegan

Best site for seeing what bands are coming through town, what's playing today, and checking out pix from shows you missed. Plus free mp3's. High value!

The Bowery Presents

They are big and they are the best. I would say that easily about 70% of the bands that come through town that I have any interest in seeing are playing at one of the Bowery venues. Overall, I have no complaints - most venues are good, the ticket prices are reasonable, and the beer is as over priced at Bowery joints as it is anywhere else.

Le Poisson Rouge

I like the location. The venue, not so much. However, if you are interested in electronic, experimental, and modern classical, you will definitely end up here one time or another..

The Stone

John Zorn's joint in the far East Village for experimental and avante garde music. It's just music, no drinks.

Issue Project Room

Brooklyn Performance, Arts, and Music Space.


Dusted Magazine

Reviews and features of interesting and worthwhile music.

Tofu Hut

Comprehensive listing of music blogs. (Right sidebar, scroll)

Gravy Bread

Even MORE comprehensive listing of music blogs along with very brief descriptions.


Aquarius Records

The coolest online music store out there. For real records, CDs and tangible copies of the music you love.

Weirdo Records

Weird and experimental music.

Dusty Groove

They dig the crates so you don't have to.


British site, but still good to know about because of their reviews and samples.

Make It Yourself

The Freesound Project

This is an amazing and ever increasing archive of user generated sounds/loops/noises/samples that are free to be used in your own mashups or sound creations. Comprehensive and utterly addicting. Thanks Jeff D. for the tip on this great site.

DMF The Pixel Planet

You are the music box. The music box is you.

Tone Matrix

Another tone loop music box. via mike j.

Bb 2.0 inbflat.ne

Remix your own song from youtube samples. Clever!